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We need to talk about Apple Video

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Sort of interesting news from CES that Apple will make it possible to watch movies and TV bought from iTunes available on Samsung TVs, cutting out the previous need for an Apple TV middle man

Sort of because of one word in that sentence - ‘bought’. Yes of course make them available on other platforms as there is something of a market out there for buying video, but nothing compared to the market for streaming subscriptions.

It’s not as if Apple haven’t been thinking and talking about a video service for years - but its 2019, Netflix have nearly 120 million subscribers, and we’re still waiting for something, anything.

And it’s not like Apple haven’t already shown us this movie once before when they sat out music subscriptions and let Spotify gain a still very commanding lead. The iPlayer from the fusty old BBC is now well into its second DECADE without any kind of response from tech’s leading light over that time.

Seriously Apple, please, Just. Do. Something.

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